A really Fat Sandwich

Alright, I covered the deliciousness of the make-your-own burritos and now I must cover the awesomeness of the make-your-own sandwiches.

You guessed it, Fat Sandwich Company! The only place (other than home, anyway) where you can make your favorite, grossest sandwich combination ever and no one looks at you funny.

With only two locations (Norman, Oklahoma and Champaign, Illinois), Fat Sandwich Company is rare and delicious. How is not? When you can order a sandwich called the Fat SanchezTM, which has cheesesteak, jalapeno poppers, bacon, hot sauce, and ranch. Doesn’t sound good? Try the Fat CowboyTM, which was chicken cheesesteak, onion rings, blue cheese, and hot sauce.

Not sure if you can handle those sorts of sandwiches? Then make your own! Just about everything is offered, and if you want it you can have it! Say you want roast beef and pizza bites, then there you go! All you have to do is ask for it.

All fat sandwiches are served with fries…that are inside the sandwich. So, no matter what, you’re getting your fries in for the day.

A make-your-own sandwich with anything is definitely a restaurant meant for colleges. Where else are you going to find people crazy enough (and with stomachs strong enough) to try a sandwich called the Fat DutchieTM, which is cheesestake, mozzarella sticks, pork rolls, egg, mayo, and ketchup.

Our Fat Sandwich Company is located on Campus Corner, down Asp Ave. Like Freebirds, Fat Sandwich is a must try!

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  1. Brian
    06/06/2009 at 2:08 am Permalink

    Tasty. I’ll have to swing by when I get back into town.

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