Saving your Books!

Do you have a lot of books? Are they cluttering up space on your shelves, in your corners, and even under your bed?

Well, I do. I’ve quite a lot, actually. I suppose that’s where all my money’s been going – books. And sadly, I can’t take them all with me when I move and I would hate to see them packed away into storage.

So, I sold them. Yep, that’s right. I sold them, and I sold them online to cash4books. And there’s no mistaking what that website is – cash for books. Quite literally.

They take everything, from new fiction to informational books. Oh, and textbooks! All you have to do is enter the ISBN code and they do the rest. They give you the price and they pay for the shipping and handling. It’s great!

Now, a simple note from the site itself:

“We are the #1 online book buyer in the world. Online since 2004, Cash4BooksTM has purchased over one million used books nationwide. We offer our services to college students selling their college textbooks, and also to everyday people selling their hardcover/paperback fiction/non-fiction.”

So, have some books you want to get rid of? Need some quick and easy money? Well, sell your books! It’s perfect! And the books you sell are eventually resold and a portion of that profit is donated to

Not to mention this will keep you from having to put your books into storage. That’s just cruel, putting books into storage.

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  1. David
    16/10/2009 at 10:18 am Permalink

    The thing I like about buyback sites like cash4books is that you don’t have to wait for someone to buy each of your books and ship them all out individually like you do on Amazon or Half.

    Another alternative is

    I’ve used them for years and have always had a great experience.

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