Delights of the Doctor

Doctor Who. It’s a brilliant show. But is it brilliant as a book? I had seen the books at the bookstore, but hadn’t picked one up until a few days ago. I was wary. Who isn’t? A TV show in book format? Seems…questionable.

Luckily, it was brilliant. The book I picked up was Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell. It featured the Doctor’s ever faithful companion, Donna Noble and her granddad Wilf. And chaos, lots and lots of chaos, and typical issues with aliens.

Beautiful Chaos takes place mid-fourth season, after The Doctor’s Daughter and before Silence in the Library. The Doctor brings Donna home for the anniversary of her dad’s, Geoff, death and gets caught up into trouble and adventure on the London streets. This, of course, is expected with the Doctor around. Trouble, adventure, aliens, and running. Always with the running.

This book doesn’t lack any of the brilliantly dynamic dialogue Donna and the Doctor are apt to have. And the conflicted relationship that Donna has with Sylvia, her mom, is at an all-time high.

It was just like reading the show!

Russell does a brilliant job of bringing the characters to life. In this surprisingly “chaotic” adventure, technology and aliens clash at an all time high. And I highly recommend this read to any Doctor Who fan!

And, well, at least these books will tie us over until the November special (The Waters of Mars) comes out.

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