The End of Kings

On NBC, Saturday, July 25th, at 7/8 central Kings will end. It’s the last episode, ever. And it’s going to be phenomenal.

Will Silas remain King? Or will Jack succeed? Or, the real question is, will David become King? Will someone completely unexpected become King? Will someone die? Will a lot of people die? Will everyone live?

Ahh! So many questions. So many possibilities. And so many twists and turns left to startle us all.

An epic show by far, Kings has mostly gone under the radar.

Inspired by the biblical story of David and Goliath, Kings is set in a modern-USA where we’ve a King instead of President. And are resident David (Christopher Egan) is just a boy raised on a farm turned solider. He intends to fight Gath (the show’s Goliath) and do nothing more. But one simple act puts him on his road to destiny.

But, the question is, what is his destiny?

Humble, but smart and brave, David is loyal to his King (played by Ian McShane). However, the question is, will David’s destiny interfere with the reign of his King? We cannot know, not really, until Saturday’s episode, The New King (pt. 2).

Clearly, we’ve assumptions for what’ll happen in Kings. It was inspired by David and Goliath, and, well, we know how that ends. But it’s only loosely inspired, and so much has happened – can we truly believe that?

Remember, David is loyal to his King. That is all he is guilty of.

With plot twist after twist, it’s near impossible to predict what’s really going to happen. Nothing seems to have gone the expected way, anyway.

Kings is just filled to the brim with intrigue, politics, symbols, God, war, heroes, and perceptions. And an all-star cast of Susanna Thompson (the Queen), Eamonn Walker (Rev. Samuels), Dylan Baker (William Cross), Allison Miller (Michelle, the King’s daughter) and Sebastain Stan (Jack, the King’s son).

It’s a shame Kings is a one season hit-wonder, and it’s even sadder that it’s gotten so little notice. But we, the audience, can remedy that! We can watch the finale on Saturday, at 8/7 central.

We will support our King.

(And if you’re behind, just watch all the episodes on Hulu).

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