Let’s get Scared!

Scary movies.

To some, they’re addicting. Every time a new one comes out (and it looks halfway decent) you have to see it. To others, they’re no-no’s. You don’t like being scared, so why pay for the possibility?

Me? I’m addicted. I love to see scary movies. I love the thrill and the rush. I’m also hard to impress. So, for me, good scary movies are hard to come by.

Orphan is a good, no brilliant, scary movie. And yea, it’s out of the regular theater. But, that means it’s in the dollar theater! (It is too, I checked!)

Starring Vera Farmiga (The Boy in Striped Pajamas), Peter Sarsgaard (Elegy), and aspiring actress Isabelle Fuhrman, this movie will blow your mind.

When Kate and John Coleman decided to adopt 9-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), they really have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. They really really don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

Bad things happen, and Esther’s always present. Is she to blame? Or is she an innocent bystander?

Well, the trailer alone alludes to the former. But, just who (or what) is Esther? She’s just your average 9-year-old girl, right? Ha!

Fuhrman does a phenomenal performance. She completely entraps you in the character of Esther. She carries every plot twist and every creepy/scary act off flawlessly. If you leave this movie with nothing else (but I doubt this), you’ll leave astounded by this girl’s acting.

Farmiga also does a stunning job with her role as the distraught and protective mother. And Sarsgaard’s role as the logical, sensible, father in the face of “illogical” drama will leave you believing, understanding, and angry. You always have to hate seeing both sides of the story.

But the question is, amongst all the frights and the drama, can you predict the ending? Can you catch on to all the clues, all the little details, and figure out what’s going on before the characters do?

I couldn’t, and I can call a movie 8 times out 10. But, then again, this isn’t your typical movie.

It’s full of believable suspense. Filmed so scenes meant to scare you don’t, but unexpected scenes will have you jumping. It’s full of drama. Will that person, or that kid, actually die? Will they be saved in time? It’s just so full of twists and turns. What does Esther really want?

Orphan is highly recommended. It’ll leave you astounded, it’ll leave you thinking/talking, and it’ll leave an impression. This isn’t a movie you’ll easily forget, ever.

There’s something wrong with Esther…do you know what it is?

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  1. pantone175c
    11/09/2009 at 7:20 am Permalink

    I know what’s wrong with Esther, she is a creepy little kid! Seriously, weird little kids are terrifying in movies. Remember when the little undead kid slashed that dudes achilles heel in Pet Sematary?


  2. Mel
    15/09/2009 at 8:31 am Permalink

    Okay, I was on the fence about seeing this one. Seemed like I’d seen it before. But it sounds different. Gotta check it out now.

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