This Weekend Rocks: September 17-20

Hi. I’m Stephen Carradini. I listen to an absurd amount of music, and I’ve been writing about this absurd amount of music for almost seven years now. I’m Unwind’s music columnist.

Every Thursday I’ll be posting an article called “This Weekend Rocks,” and I’ll tell you what’s happening around the Norman/Oklahoma City area in terms of concerts. Since today is Thursday, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Thing you should do: Jack Rose plays a fingerpicked guitar beautifully. It’s not country, lest you fret. Rose plays folk, blues, ragtime, Indian slide and more. Just check out the first track on his Myspace to quell any of your fears about what magic this man can or can’t do with an acoustic guitar. You should truck it on out to the Conservatory on Saturday (doors at 8:00 p.m., with Anvil Salute and Bridgewater Band) and have your mind blown by some amazing acoustic guitar playing.

Thing you could do:  It’s weekend one of the Oklahoma State Fair. It features country artists Jamey Johnson, Candy Coburn, teen pop star wanna-bes Joey Page and V Factory, and Jackyl, a southern rock band that somewhat astonishingly has a Twentieth Century Masters collection CD. Jackyl’s claim to fame is “The Lumberjack,” a song that includes a chainsaw solo. The fact that someone thought a chainsaw solo was a good idea is almost enough reason to go see them at 7:30 on Friday at the Toyota Stage of the State Fair.

Thing you should not do: Yes, you can get anything you want deep fried at the Fair. But if you want to make it more than halfway through Jackyl’s set without collapsing from closed arteries, you should not eat more than two deep-friend anythings (twinkies, oreos, lightbulbs, etc).

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