Semi-Indie: Plants Vs. Zombies Online

You still haven’t played it, have you?

It’s okay. I understand. I only provided some miserable half of a review last time we discussed it, after all, and that’s hardly sufficient to form an opinion. Sure, the aggregate review scores on Metacritic list it with a sterling 88, but you can’t rush into these things, right? Slow and steady, Dad said.

He’s wrong.

This is one time I full advocate throwing yourself in head-first, if only for the brief thrill of defying parental wisdom. And guess what? Developer Popcap Games recently put a sizable portion of the game online, negating the need to download the free trial. Now, much like that Canabalt game mentioned a few weeks back, you literally have no excuse. You might have to install a few web browser plugins if you don’t have them already, though that’s a simple process.

Go. Play. Don’t tell your Dad I said that about him. I’ll be back next week with a full (not half!) review of Scribblenauts, the much-hyped new title for the Nintendo DS.

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