Folk Friday: ReedKD

Most folk is depressing or, at the very least, melancholy. ReedKD is a treasured exception. While he does have his down moments, the greater entries into the ReedKD catalog are upbeat, gleeful, and overwhelmingly catchy. He plays mandolin with furious abandon, creates rollicking tracks full of tension and drama despite their decidedly up sound, makes digital pop somehow fit into his folk scheme, and generally breaks the mold on what folk is.

And it sounds amazing. “Is This It” will make you want to use random household objects as tambourines; “If the Tide Swings” will compel you to harmonize vocally. “Cactus Garden” will inspire you to throw a hoedown in your backyard. By the time you get to the calmer tracks, you’re out of breath and ready to chill. It’s there that ReedKD shows his acoustic prowess. He really knows what he’s doing around a guitar, even if that’s not the focus of the upbeat tracks.

Yes, ReedKD has it all; beautiful, sonorous mellow tracks and wild, wonderful upbeat tracks. If you like organic, acoustic music but also like being happy, ReedKD is the man for you. I dare you to not like “Is This It.”

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