Why October is Awesome…

It’s…October! This is the best month of the whole year. Yeah, December, I said that, and I mean it.

October is just a brilliant month. It has Halloween. The temperature is delightfully cool (unless you live here in Oklahoma…but that’s another story.) It has Halloween. The colors are pretty. It has Halloween. There’s Big Red Rivalry. It’s got pumpkins! Oh, and did I mention Halloween?

Octobor’s just an eventful month.  

Not to mention it’s starting off with a bang this year. Second day into the month and already a fantastic movie about zombies has hit the theaters. (Do not miss Zombieland people!)

Oh, and Where the Wild Things Are comes out October 16. Hecks yeah! That is going to be brilliant!

The awe-inspiring Gerard Butler is also coming out in another must-see movie, Law Abiding Citizen. Can’t wait.

Eoin Colfer’s add-on to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy titled And Another Thing (Part Six of Three) is out October 12th. Little bit anxious about this one, but pretty darn excited too.

But, let’s just talk about October for moment.

It’s a brilliant month, really.

Did you know that October 30th, 1938 is when The War of the World’s panic happened? When Orson Well’s story was broadcasted over the radio as a live news update and the listeners panicked because they thought the alien invasion was actually happening? Yeah. That was from a time when people actually listened to the news.

Oh, and October is also “Squirrel Awareness Month.” So, I guess this means that we actually have to be nice to those furry lil’ demons who run all over campus throwing acorns at our heads. Which, by the way, I swear to you is true. They really do throw acorns at us.

(And be warned freshmen, when campus ices over, those furry lil’ demons will run over tree branches and knock all that “snow” off and onto your head.)

So, overlooking this whole Squirrel “Awareness” issue, we have to admit October is still a brilliant month. Campus is beautiful. The weather (will be) prefect. And there’s no end for the unique entertainment to be provided.

In fact, the closer we get to Halloween, the more interesting campus will become. Last year alone, actors dressed up as zombies and limped along the  South Oval. So, who knows how they’ll do this year!   

All I can say is that October rocks.  

So let’s live it up for the next 29 days!

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  1. Mel
    02/10/2009 at 9:28 am Permalink

    I’ve seen ZOMBIELAND. Can’t recommend it enough. Pure fun, no seriousness involved. And I’ve missed the squirrels.

  2. Kam
    02/10/2009 at 12:19 pm Permalink

    The wife and I are checking it out tonight! I have a feeling this one is balcony worthy at the Warren.

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