One Good Weekend

This is the weekend to go to the movie theater.

This is the when all of October’s hit movies are coming out.

This October 16th sees the release of:

Where the Wild Things Are, based off the amazing children’s book by Maurice Sendak and directed by Spike Jonze.

Law Abiding Citizen, an action-drama with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

Paranormal Activity, a thriller directed by Oren Peli that has slipped onto the movie scene with spontaneous hype.

The Stepfather, another thriller with Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl).

Wild Things and Citizen are, clearly, the two most highly anticipated movies of this weekend.

The costumes, the acting, and the even the movie set look phenomenal for Where the Wild Things Are. The soundtrack’s awesomeness is just a given. And the plot has been enriched and expanded upon from the book. Go, King Max, go.

Citizen has an all-star cast with Butler and Foxx. The idea, of a man taking justice into his own hands while behind bars, is full of potential. With Butler and Foxx to carry the plot, the action, and the drama, I look to the bright side for the movie’s success.

Paranormal Activity looks terrifying. This sleeper thriller of the year delves into the deeply rooted fears everyone has of the evil spirits possibly lurking around their house. You know that fear you have of something grabbing your ankle when you get out bed or something sitting at the end of your bed when you wake up? Yeah, it plays with those.

I won’t be able to bring myself to see this movie, but I have high hopes for it being claimed genuinely terrifying.

The Stepfather looks like a basic point A to B plot. There’s no doubt the good guy (the son) will win in this movie and that the evil stepfather will fail. The only question will be how he fails. But, hey, it still looks good. And who doesn’t want to see a predictable movie every now and then? It’s nice knowing you don’t have to worry about the outcome.

So, this weekend is going to be epic. You have the choice between a brilliantly crafted Where the Wild Things Are homage, an action-drama with twists and turns and lots of clever delights with Law Abiding Citizen. And two thrillers – one I promise will have you jumping from your seat, maybe even shaking, and another that’s just good, easy entertainment.

So, enjoy people. En-joy. This weekend is going to be a good one.

(And on a side note, let’s all give a cry out for The Lovely Bones movie coming out in December. It’s directed by Peter Jackson and looks wonderful.) ¬†

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