Buy/Die Tuesday: Some Country for Old Singers

Another weak week for releases, but there are some ports in this storm. But it’s not as grim as last week (which basically looked like an interpretation of No Country for Old Men), thankfully.

Buy: Raditude – Weezer. Weezer’s goofy geek-rock may never be critically acclaimed again (because when you reach the Blue Album‘s level of critical acclaim, everything else just pales in comparison), but they’re still making solid pop songs. The Red Album was fun, and Make Believe was really strong as a release, so I have little doubts that this release will offer distorted guitars, pop hooks, and goofy lyrics. I mean, come on. Look at that title. It’s awesome.


Swords – Morrissey. If you like Morrissey’s croonings, you should be super-excited that he’s releasing a new album. If you haven’t heard of him, you should probably check him out, as he’s an icon. If you don’t like him, I doubt that there’s going to be anything new here that’s going to pique your interest. But I do like that the album is called Swords. That’s pretty cool.

Play On – Carrie Underwood. I don’t particularly like Carrie Underwood and her schizophrenic song choices, but there are a great many people who do. And for you, this is like Christmas (see below).


My Christmas – Andrea Bocelli. I still hate Christmas albums.

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