Link Dropping: Gazelle

On a temporary (read: this week) hiatus courtesy of some school-related issues this week, but I thought I’d pop in to offer a site I ran across recently: Gazelle.

It’s never easy to offload the gadgets, games, movies, etc. we accumulate over the years, and often the idea of trying to sell them on eBay or some similar site is more daunting than you might care to admit. Enter Gazelle, which offers you a set price for your toys and then sends a check your way once you’ve shipped them along. It’s an impersonal process, complete with the all the good and bad that might imply.

Good: you don’t have to deal with people. It’s fairly automated and removes much of the guesswork that occurs when trying to list something for an online auction.

Bad: in some cases you won’t earn as much for your old stuff as you would if you tried to sell it yourself.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gazelle’s prices often exceeded Gamestop’s trade-in values for my stacks of old games. I’ll be shipping a box off to them soon and will report back if my check comes in smoothly. Until then, however, consider this a recommendation to give the site a go if you want to dump some stuff without dealing with eBay or a good old-fashioned garage sale.

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