This Weekend Rocks: November 5-8

Guess what, guys? If you read below, you’ll get to read about communism, socialism, economics, and rock’n’roll! It’s like a USSR history course! Okay, not really. It’s just what’s happening this weekend in Norman/OKC.

\Should do: Everybody needs a little more Woody Guthrie in their life. There’s a Woody Guthrie tribute going down at the Blue Door on Sunday, and you should probably be there. It’s the only time that America will openly celebrate communism and socialism (think about it: “This Land is Your Land”). Thankfully, it’s not the only time America will celebrate folk, or even Woody Guthrie, as he has his own folk festival in Okemah every summer. Woo!

Could do: You could go see Chevelle on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Diamond Ballroom. While some people detest everything about post-grunge, I really enjoy the passion and honesty with which Chevelle write and perform their heavily-distorted tunes. Songs like “The Red” just get stuck in my head and stay there; what’s more is that their lyrics actually strike an emotional chord in me. So, if you like loud rock’n’roll, Chevelle’s your bag this weekend.

Should Not Do: You should not pay forty-four dollars to see David Cook play Friday in Shawnee at Firelake Grand Casino. That’s just exorbitant. People that keep paying outlandish prices to see mediocre artists are the people who drive prices of concerts everywhere up. Supply and demand; if you stop buying tickets to ridiculously priced shows (i.e. demand drops off) then they will have to price the shows lower (i.e. supply will adjust). Basic economics, people. It’s the same economics as Christmas albums (if you ignore them, they will stop being produced).

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