The Joy of a Kid’s Movie

Wotcher, readers. Hope your Turkey Day was good.

So, I’m going to admit something (and I’m proud for it): I saw Planet 51. And I liked it. A lot. It was funny, no, it was hilarious.

Then again, I’m also the person who has re-watched the two-hour A Very Potter Musical on YouTube.

But, anyway, Planet 51.

It’s an animated movie featuring a good-looking astronaut, Chuck (Dwayne Johnson), landing on an alien planet that looks to be stuck in the nineteen fifties.

Instantly chaos ensues.

Like us, the aliens fear, well, aliens – namely, us. We’re pictured as one-eyed giants called humaniacs.

And when Chuck arrives, they panic in the same way we’d panic. And I have to say, it’s hilarious. A perfect spoof.

There are also old alien movie quips, especially for E.T., mysterious military bases hidden from the general public (i.e. “Area 51”), and zombie-alien jokes.

General Grawl (Gary Oldman), the “bad guy” of the movie who aims to catch Chuck and hide him away in Base 9(“Area 51”) has enlisted the help of alien-specialist Professor Kipple (John Cleese). Kipple likes to take alien brains out and examine them.

Grawl and Kipple are tracking Chuck, who has the help of Lem (Justin Long), a teenager who wants to know about the universe.

Hiding the “alien,” who’s taller than most everyone around, dealing with teenage crushes, and letting Chuck turn soldiers into “zombies,” Lem has his hands full.

It’s a comedic act following a comedic act.

There’s even Rover, a space robot that acts just like a dog (and he’s obsessed with rocks).

Now, you might be wondering about my movie tastes. Liking a kid movie? Really. Well, sometimes I like mindless entertainment and Planet 51 had potential to be amusing and simple. I was also babysitting a six-year-old at the time.

This is coming from the girl who saw Aliens in the Attic (and, yeah, I’m still scarred from that experience). I highly recommend not seeing that movie.

But, Planet 51 is a good and fun movie. It’s full of humor for all ages. There were times I laughed more than the six-year-old boy I took – that might’ve been because the jokes were adult but still, that proves something.

So, if you’re looking for some good entertainment that’ll make you laugh and just give you a good feeling – see Planet 51.

It’s worth some attention. Especially if you have kids (or just babysit them) because they’ll really enjoy it.

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  1. Jake Malone
    27/11/2009 at 1:53 pm Permalink

    I liked Aliens in the Attic, My 75 year old dad liked it, he bought the DVD for my kids,

    My kids liked the movie, they have seen it about 8 times, at least.

    All the Best,


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