Dead Week? Pfffffft.

Man. I thought I was going to be all clever, here, until I saw Abigail scooped me on it by at least two days. Thanks. 🙁

So what’s the deal with Dead Week? Despite the name, it’s consistently been the most hellish week ever for something like eight semesters now. This year? Two massive research papers due on the same day (i.e. today) and at least 11,000 words more the following week. There is absolutely nothing dead about this week. On the contrary, it’s alive and kicking, or perhaps more accurately shambling around and devouring brains.

That’s right, people. Originality be darned, I propose a new name for this most horrifying of weeks: Zombie Week. Think about it, people. It’s Dead Week, but, y’know, not dead, and it’s been ruining the lives of poor, innocent college kids for far too long now.

Wait. What? The OU Daily alreadyoh, come on.

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