An Old Way to Relax

Let’s talk old school today. Let’s talk Disney.

December has been a long month hasn’t it? It’s been busy and it’s been stressful. Dead week, and now Finals week, and next week is Christmas. Yikes. So much to do!

So, what is a good way to wind down?

Disney movies.

And I mean the old school ones, like Aladdin and Lion King and Mary Poppins and Jungle Book and Peter Pan and Little Mermaid and Bambi and A Goofy Movie– I could go on all day. I won’t.

Ryan had it right in his post, about watching horrible horror movies. That’ll definitely brighten your day. But you have to be in the right mood to watch acting worse than your dog’s and dialogue worse than your most awkward conversations.

Disney movies, you don’t really have to worry about that. The acting is usually fine, and half of them are musicals – my word, remember those days? When Disney characters burst into song? – so you don’t have to worry about dialogue.

 Sure, you might nitpick and point out that it’s totally improbable Mulan would have survived that avalanche. But, what counts is that before you decided Jafar was a pervert you remembered being a kid and watching these movies.

I remember going to see Lion King at what is now Norman’s dollar movie theater. This was before Hollywood Spotlight 14, which was probably the coolest thing to ever come to Norman at that time. Sad, right? Hollywood used to be cool.  

Anyway, the nitpicking isn’t so much scorn but rather lighthearted banter.

And for many students, and adults, (and sometimes a student and the adult are in one in the same – gasp!) watching old Disney movies is a great relief. A walk down childhood lane.

We grew up watching those movies. So, it’s kind of funny (and a slight mood killer) whenever you pop in an old VHS (because the Disney movie you want to watch on DVD is back in that damned VAULT!) and see a trailer for a new and upcoming movie for the year 1994 (Lion King). 

Makes you feel old.

Anyway, this is my recommendation and my prescription to all the readers. Relax, chill. Order a pizza (from J.Js, that’s a-ma-zing pizza) or pop some popcorn. Dig out your old VHSs or settle for whatever’s out of the Vault currently and watch some old school Disney movies.

And if you’re not a fan of the old cartoon musicals, or Mary Poppins, then remember Disney and Pixar are one in the same. So Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo are all acceptable movies to sit back and relax to too.

Don’t let the stress of school’s end and the holidays get to you. Fight it off with Disney!

 — Oh, and sorry I missed last week’s post. I planned post a review on Saturday about Invictus, but I never saw the movie. Sad day! —

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  1. cassie
    18/12/2009 at 3:29 pm Permalink

    Disney makes the world a better place…and so do Disney pins…

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