Jackson Does it Again…

The Lovely Bones directed by Sir Peter Jackson is a visual masterpiece.  

It’s the coming-of-age story in the afterlife. A young girl, Susie Salmon (Saoirse  Ronan), is murdered at the age of fourteen. But she hasn’t left her family behind. She watches and she waits, living the life she will never have through those she loves. And she knows that her father (Mark Wahlberg) will never give up on discovering who her murderer is.

Within minutes, the music and the images entrap the audience. The characters are instantly relatable with parental embarrassments, first crushes, and the rebellious immaturity. It’s inspiring and nostalgic.

Then you meet Susie’s murderer (Stanely Tucci).  Mr. Harvey is an awkward adult who can’t interact well with people and laughs are his own stupid quirks.  And he’s a creep. Tucci does an absolutely amazing job of playing Mr. Harvey with the idiosyncrasies, the patience, and the dark (yet awkward) nature.

Susie’s story is inspiring, compelling, but sad. The story is based off the novel by Alice Sebold.  And, of course, like any novel made into movie there are differences. But with the beauty of this movie, those differences are easy to overlook.

What matters is that the emotions Susie and her family experienced are strong and well-played. The anger, the sadness, the confusion, the love, and even the suspense will keep the audience occupied.

The movie is driven by its visuals. The dialogue is strong, the acting is excellent (especially on Tucci’s part) and the costumes are very much the 70s. But the visual aspect makes the movie. It’s what pulls you in and it’s what keeps you involved.

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