Son of Rambow

Proper Oklahoma weather has finally come.

The “snow” is all ice and slick and impossible to play with. None of that “real” stuff we got over Christmas. That just wasn’t right.

Unfortunately, this weather traps you inside.

So, let’s talk movies. In this weather, we need a good laugh. From a movie that isn’t seen every day.

Son of Rambow.  

It’s a coming-of-age story set in the early 80s with a young Brethren boy, Will Proudfoot (Bill Milner), introduced to the forbidden world of TV, music, and movies through a pirated copy of First Blood. Instantly a chain of events take place that bring Will and school bully and thief, Lee Carter (Will Poulter), together as they attempt to make their own epic movie called Son of Rambow.

Ambitious and reckless, the two boys engage themselves in the roller-coaster adventure montage of everyday life, sorrows and joy.

The movie is a riot and uniquely originally. It’s one thing after the other with these two boys, involving Will’s religion and parents, Lee’s wild ways and brother, and the school’s French exchange students.

Will’s growth of character isn’t easy. Being a member of a strict Brethren household denies him the world he’s suddenly fascinated with. He’s already wildly imaginative, his Bible almost completely sketched and colored in, but he isn’t trying to deny his faith.

So, as he grows, he begins to juggle being a good son, a good Brethren, to being the son of Rambow, an adventurous boy who fights ninjas, flying dogs, and father-napping scarecrows.

This is a coming-of-age story in a nutshell, but it’s wildly funny and very endearing. Two boys, trying to film the sequel to First Blood, just spells chaos and hilarity. But what else would you expect from two wildly different boys making an amateur film?

The world’s wet, cold, and frozen over like a proper Oklahoma winter. So watch a fun and unique movie to keep the cheer alive!

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