Semi-blog: Plants Vs. Zombies

Okay, okay – this is the last time I’ll mention it. Promise.

My obsession with Popcap’s latest and greatest game is welldocumented on Unwind, but this last bit of news warrants delivery, folks, so swallow that righteous disgust and buckle up for some math.

20 > 3. This is true. $20 < $3, however, when we’re talkin’ PvZ on your iPhone or iPod Touch (warning: iTunes link). That’s right! Why shell out twenty bucks for the original (wonderful, magical) game when you can get the same experience for significantly cheaper on your iPod?

I’ve been playing it all day. And while these words have been spoken before, you now have literally no excuse not to snap this one up, especially at the new glorious price point of three glorious dollars.

Do it. And then click this link. I’ve got studying to do.

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