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So they released this thing the other day, right? The iPad. How dashing. And this new-fangled device, as expected, comes heralded as a game-changer, an expensive company’s expensive answer to the flailing failures of the netbook. I thought the netbook was doin’ just fine, personally, but you know how it goes. When Apple does something, it does it big, and then via a combination of witchcraft and Steve Jobs’ natural charisma, everyone rushes out to buy one.

But not me. Oh, I resisted, even when reviews gushed love and admiration all over the board. I stayed strong even when I laid my unworthy fingers on the sleek lines of the device itself, an instant victim to slick gloss and all promise contained therein. Say what you will, but Apple puts out a fine product, rough on the wallet but oh-so easy on the gray stuff between your ears. They just work, and do it well, and I absolutely do not need one.

That’s a personal problem, admittedly. I lust after technology like no one else I know. But what about you, readers? Do you have one? Does it work splendidly? Do you sing to it at night before succumbing to sleep, lamenting each unconscious hour for keeping you from your new love?

Let me know. Next week I’ll have a bit more to say on the iPad’s future in academic settings, as colleges all across the map are going nuts for this thing.

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