Ima run away to Canada.

Lemee just give you a little insight into what the last school week looked like for me:

Monday: Woke up at some ungodly hour, studied, freaked out, studied, had a panic attack, studied, cried a little, studied, took my first comprehensive exam for graduate school.  (That means I wrote 13 pages on 15 sources, FROM MEMORY, in three hours.)

Tuesday: Tried to sleep in/avoid the universe, woke up, studied, studied, studied, freaked out a little, studied, skipped class to study, collapsed onto couch with a bag of Oreos and a strong desire to flee to Canada.

Wednesday:  Woke up at another ungodly hour, studied, freaked out so much that couldn’t study, ate Oreos and felt a little better, studied, picked a fight with Hunter so to avoid panic attack, studied, took my second comprehensive exam for graduate school.  (Wrote another 13 pages on 15 new sources, from memory, in three hours.)

Thursday: Woke up wanting to quit life, powered through and studied, studied, cried and ate Oreos, studied, crawled into a tiny ball on couch and moped, studied, picked another fight with Hunter so as to avoid panic attack, went to bed angry at everyone and everything without really knowing why.

Friday: Woke up REALLY mad at the entire world, studied, boycotted studying and watched “Friends” instead, felt bad about not studying, studied some more, discovered there were no more Oreos and felt sorry for myself, studied, studied, took my third and final comprehensive exam for graduate school.  (This time I wrote 16 pages on 15 new sources, FROM MEMORY, in three hours).

Theretofore, I am NOT writing any more than this right here.  I REFUSE.  Comp exams have killed my will to write, and I whilst not do it any LONGER.

Oh, and did I mention I have to defend these comp exams in front of three professors on Wednesday?!  I quit.  I quit! Life, school, all of it.  I’m going to Canada.

Much love.

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  1. Clare
    18/05/2010 at 11:58 am Permalink

    I shall miss you oh-so-very much.

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