A Day in the Life of a Super Senior

I am nearly half-way through my victory lap, or ninth semester in undergrad, and I can’t help but notice that there are several trends in my social life now that my graduation is well, over due.  (Like for instance-spending more weekends at home than I ever did before everyone else my age graduated.)

For many, a fifth year of school would be like winning the lottery.  My friends who managed to somehow graduate on time keep telling me to count my blessings.

Still, the extra semester leaves me feeling quite in the state of the “in-between.”  I am still living the life of a college student, but the days of date parties, CAC exec boards, and late night runs to Classics with the roomies are long gone.  You know you’re “getting old” when you see the newest pledge class of girls from your sorority on campus and you have absolutely know idea who they are.

Sure, that one extra semester in order to get a double major isn’t terrible by any means.  But I definitely feel out of place when everyone around me is talking about next semester and I know I won’t be here.  And I’m definitely not going to experience that “last hurrah” with my college besties, because well, they got to peace out last May.

So where does that leave me? I’m half way through my victory lap. And it’s time to get past the fact that my closest friends are no longer around to grab a swirl at the Mont.  No more moping, time to get with the program.  I’ve got two months to make some big life decisions.

If anything, being the last one of my friends to leave the town where we shared some pretty awesome memories has allowed me the chance to realize that it’s definitely not where you are, but it’s who you’re with.  I think I’ll keep that in mind as I sort through the possibilities of post-grad life.

As for daily life in the “in-between?”

….I’ll keep you posted.

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