Enrollment < Fun.

One of the best things about being a senior in my FINAL semester: not having to mess with enrolling in the upcoming semester.

Technology is such a wonderfully frustrating part of our lives, and it seems that for every improvement made, there will always still be a few guaranteed glitches down the road.  We will be forced to grit our teeth and trudge through them anyway, just when we thought everything could happen instantly with the click of a mouse.

I remember that feeling the day before my enrollment window would open.  My stomach was always a little bit tense, and my eyes were strained from checking and re-checking the availability of my classes.  All the while I would be praying and hoping that there would still be a spot left for me the following morning at 6 am or whatever ridiculous time it was when I would suddenly become eligible to enroll.

And then there was that second round of fear that would arrive during the actual enrollment process.  No matter how many times I had met with my advisor or made sure that I had the correct pre-requisites, there was always that one class that would send me some scary red stop sign and ultimately deny my registration.  (That’s about the point where I wanted to launch my lap top out of my third story bedroom window.)

Anyway, a few overly-urgent emails to my advisors usually did the trick.  For any of you freshman readers out there-it gets better, I promise!  You won’t have 8 am classes on Friday forever!

Once you’ve got your schedule secured it’s always a weight off your shoulders…for now…just wait until you get to do your degree checks to make sure that you’re on track to graduate.  That’s a whole new adventure in and of itself….especially if at some point double majoring seemed like a good idea. 🙂

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