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Top Five Wednesday: Bands that have contributed the most to the downfall of radio

So, once upon a time, The Who were played on standard rock radio, right next to Aerosmith, Led Zep, and (maybe, if your station was cool enough) Hendrix. Now, obviously, is not that time, as we are treated to Nickelback, Kelly Clarkson, and Fall Out Boy. What happened to the radio? I’ll tell you what […]

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Top Five Wednesday: My Top Five Songs, as dictated by

I love keeping track of things. I’m somewhat obsessed with how many times I’ve seen movies, how much time I’ve spent playing video games, and how long albums are (in minutes). The order of it appeals to me. This is why is awesome. is an aggregator that charts how many times you listen […]

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Folk Friday: Jenny & Tyler

There’s a reason all the Folk Fridays so far have been male-focused: I’m very picky about female vocalists. I think that female vocals lend themselves to pretension more often than male do. Or maybe I just tune out pretentious male vocalists. Either way, I’m choosy when it comes to female vocalists.

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This Weekend Rocks: November 5-8

Guess what, guys? If you read below, you’ll get to read about communism, socialism, economics, and rock’n’roll! It’s like a USSR history course! Okay, not really. It’s just what’s happening this weekend in Norman/OKC.

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Link Dropping: Gazelle

On a temporary (read: this week) hiatus courtesy of some school-related issues this week, but I thought I’d pop in to offer a site I ran across recently: Gazelle.

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Buy/Die Tuesday: Some Country for Old Singers

Another weak week for releases, but there are some ports in this storm. But it’s not as grim as last week (which basically looked like an interpretation of No Country for Old Men), thankfully. Buy: Raditude – Weezer. Weezer’s goofy geek-rock may never be critically acclaimed again (because when you reach the Blue Album‘s level […]

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Folk Friday: Joe Pug

This is a bold statement, but I’m going on record: I have never listened to a single EP as much as I have Joe Pug’s Nation of Heat EP. According to my iTunes, I’ve listened to it at least twenty times straight through, and I’ve listened to “Hymn #101” fifty-nine times in exactly two and […]

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This Weekend Rocks: Oct 29-Nov 1

This is the best weekend of the year. Better than Christmas. Better than OU/texas. Better than New Year’s Eve. This is “fall back” weekend. That’s right, boys and girls. There are twenty-five hours in the Saturday/Sunday continuum. Some people will use this extra hour for sleep. More awesome people will use it to say that […]

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Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Most Energetic Shows I’ve Ever Seen

It’s a rare experience that going to a show is not fun. Even if a band stands stock-still and sings straight off the album, there’s usually enough redeeming value in the concert experience itself (traveling, being excited, being around other people who love xx band as much as you, etc) to make it “fun” in […]

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Buy/Die Tuesday: What is the World Coming to?

This week of releases distresses me. Instead of commenting on the releases this week, as I usually do, I’m going to list things that would be of interest to people (although almost none of them are of any interest to me). Creed – Full Circle. Michael Jackson – This Is It. Sting – If on […]

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