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Out of Season, but still Perfect

Next week’s Dead Week. Dun, dun, dun. In theory, Dead Week is a “just-lay-back-and-review” sort of week. In reality, it’s all ten-page papers, final projects, and last-minute pleas for extra-credit. So, how do you escape this stressful mania? Booze, drugs and mindless kid shows? Eh, that works. But, I suggest a Patch Adams approach and […]

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Dead Week? Pfffffft.

Man. I thought I was going to be all clever, here, until I saw Abigail scooped me on it by at least two days. Thanks. 🙁 So what’s the deal with Dead Week? Despite the name, it’s consistently been the most hellish week ever for something like eight semesters now. This year? Two massive research […]

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It is Time.

Well here we are, children.  Dead week.  Hell week.  The one week in the semester when all the epic date parties and wild nights on campus corner seem tragically dwarfed by the fact that every single one of your professors is trying to kill you.  Who cares that you’ve had the time of your life […]

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