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Allow me to be a bit provocative. Normally with my posts, I tend write about the merits of various books that I’ve read, often making subliminal references to H.P. Lovecraft throughout.  But this time, I want to delve into something different, notably something seemingly systemic (you’re welcome for that alliteration). My generation doesn’t read books.  […]

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What’s with this Law School business?

Law School is a great option for students wanting to expand their education after undergrad.  With many other things (i.e. finding a job, applying for grad school or medical school) it can be a long and strenuous process.  With these steps, your quest of getting into law school might be a little easier. The LSAT. […]

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On the Job Hunt!!

Hello! My name is Chris and it is my pleasure to be a new contributor to the Unwind Blog as time races towards Graduation!  I am a Psychology Senior on the ever-shortening road to graduation, 50 days and counting to be exact.  This semester, I have been searching across the spectrum to find a job […]

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