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Facebook Stalking=Deadly Dating Disease

School has started up once more, and that can only mean a notable spike in Facebook stalking…you have new friends whose pictures require hours of perusing, plus there’s no better way to avoid homework than to reread your wall-to-walls with thirty-two of your very closest friends.  I’m not judging.  I did it myself last night. […]

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The Set-Up

It was a hot sticky summer night.  There wasn’t a breeze, but the sun was going down.  I found relief from the heat indoors and was about to relax when it happened. A man with a mysterious smile asked me one little question, “What are you doing tomorrow night, kid?” “Daaaad.  You know I’m supposed […]

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Social Networking and your Job Search

Social Networking (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linked-in, and yes, even blogging) have been getting a bad wrap when it comes to your job search.  I, along with many others, think that my pages are just for fun with my friends, I didn’t start it to look for a job, but employers might look to that as […]

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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Over two days of withdrawals…I really don’t know how I made it.  I tried to visualize my happy place and imagine that I was standing in Dior looking at rows and rows of perfect high heels, but it didn’t help.  Out of habit I sat down at my computer and logged onto the internet only to […]

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