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Top Five Wednesday: Top Albums of 2009

It’s that time again, chums. It’s time to objectively decided who ruled the most this year. I always find these lists amusing, because it seems that their sole purpose is to create argument. They’re especially ridiculous because it’s literally impossible to listen to all the music released in a year; many people just glom onto […]

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Top Five Wednesday: My Top Five Songs, as dictated by Last.fm

I love keeping track of things. I’m somewhat obsessed with how many times I’ve seen movies, how much time I’ve spent playing video games, and how long albums are (in minutes). The order of it appeals to me. This is why Last.fm is awesome. Last.fm is an aggregator that charts how many times you listen […]

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Top Five Wednesday: Prolific Bands You Don’t Know

I’ve always been a completist. When I find a band or author that I like, I have a compulsion to own all of it. I don’t feel like a real fan unless I can talk knowledgeably about everything that particular artist has created. There are some artists, however, who defy my petty attempts at completism. […]

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