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Nintendo Set to Take Your Money

In what might amount to the most understated announcement of the year, Nintendo of Japan recently unveiled the Nintendo 3DS, described in exultant tones as “like a DS…but, y’know, in three-dee. Right.” The quote’s pure fantasy, of course, but you could almost say the same for the handheld itself. Given Nintendo’s incredible sway in the […]

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Review: Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS)

So. Scribblenauts. You’ve heard of it before, hopefully, and maintained that fervent enthusiasm built up by award-show accolades and blogger-fueled glee. You might even have purchased it by now, tearing through the plastic wrap with wild abandon and dreaming of all the delightful treats contained therein. You played it. And then you had the truth. […]

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How can I open up for what could be the most creative game of all time? How can I take those pretty, pretty words I hold so dear and make them dance for a game that does it even better? It’s hard to admit, ladies and gents, but I’ve been bested. Ego defeated, pride shattered, […]

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