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Nintendo Set to Take Your Money

In what might amount to the most understated announcement of the year, Nintendo of Japan recently unveiled the Nintendo 3DS, described in exultant tones as “like a DS…but, y’know, in three-dee. Right.” The quote’s pure fantasy, of course, but you could almost say the same for the handheld itself. Given Nintendo’s incredible sway in the […]

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Exciting E3

Left 4 Dead 2? Super Mario Galaxy 2? Halo: Reach? Drop any bombshells like that a few weeks ago and you’d be subjected to the sound of silence. And laughter. Lots of laughter, lots of scoffs, and probably a few insults for good measure — until now. That’s the magic of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, […]

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Nintendo Makes Money

Breaking news, right? The sky is blue, grass is green, Qdoba is better than Chipotle — all obvious truths, provided you go outside sometimes and also have a pulse. But an even more obvious(er) truth is the fact that Nintendo, purveyor of magical white boxes of all shapes and sizes, is raking in the dough. […]

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