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Finally, A New Literary Recommendation

Hello again, theoretical Unwind readers.  As the semester comes to a close, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while–actually write about a book.  As you (likely don’t) know, I’ve largely written about bad films and other miscellaneous nonsense over the past few weeks.  But I’ve decided, in honor of my dwindling […]

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Beauty and Decay

This week, instead of reviewing a book, I wanted to talk a little bit about one particular author:  Cormac McCarthy.  McCarthy has been one of my favorite novelists for a number of years and with his recent explosion of fame (thanks to his Pulitzer for The Road and the film adaptation of No Country for […]

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Delving into Darkness, part 2

As promised a couple of weeks ago, this week I’ll be writing about Nick Cave’s recently released second novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.  While it is certainly more accessible than his debut (particularly in that the protagonist isn’t mute.  Hence, dialogue!), it’s still a dark novel that isn’t for everyone.  The protagonist, Bunny Munro, […]

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