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Out of Season, but still Perfect

Next week’s Dead Week. Dun, dun, dun. In theory, Dead Week is a “just-lay-back-and-review” sort of week. In reality, it’s all ten-page papers, final projects, and last-minute pleas for extra-credit. So, how do you escape this stressful mania? Booze, drugs and mindless kid shows? Eh, that works. But, I suggest a Patch Adams approach and […]

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Ahh, that most formidable of foes, that most predictable of predicaments. It seems every spring my life becomes plagued by stress; the responsibilities and requirements and tests and to-do-lists become so massive, so undeniably unconquerable, that my very being is taken over by the desire to crawl into a tiny hole and die. You can […]

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Never Too Early for a Break

Hey! We’ve done it. We’ve survived the first two weeks of school! Now, unfortunately, the real schooling begins. The grace period’s over and, by some cosmic law meant only to destroy your social life, everything’s aligning. Papers for different classes are due in the same week, tests are on the same day, and all your […]

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