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Catching Rays and Hopefully Not Diseases

The days are longer.  Skirts are barely legally long enough.  Bikinis have taken the place of the need for any real clothing item.  Hell, the other day I saw an overweight fifty-ish year old man in dripping neon swim trunks buying a slushy, jerky, and candy bars at the 7 Eleven -gotta love Oklahoma’s small […]

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A Classic That’ll Eat Your Brain

It’s summer. School is out (unless you’re the unlucky sap taking summer school), finals are over, and it’s time to sit back and chill. But, just because you’re not in school, you still want to look smart and fancy. So, you’re thinking about reading a good ol’ classic. Like Frankenstein or, maybe, A Tale of […]

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Time to be Epic!

In a week, school will be out. In a week, we’ll be FREE! Only, we’ve allowed the stress and tedium of finals week get to us. Our brains are starting to burn out, and sometimes it’s all we can do to just turn the page of our textbook. Doesn’t it look amazing outside? It’s all […]

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