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search pageChanges are coming to the OU Search Site. For the past few years, we have been leveraging an on-campus Google Appliance to allow us better control over search results at search.ou.edu. We have decided to change focus entirely onto SEO and utilize results directly from Google.

Search.ou.edu will not experience any noticeable changes in look and feel. However, you will likely notice the improved results. The Google Appliance was only able to utilize OU’s sites to evaluate PageRank; the new result ranks will be based on Google’s vast index.

This change will emphasize the need for SEO. We will no longer have the ability to artificially boost sites that have not adequately optimized their sites. The Information Architecture development process during CMS migrations serves as a great starting point for a search engine optimized site. The web offers many great resources to learn more about SEO; several resources are listed below.

This revision will not require any code changes for anyone currently using the download-able Global Navigation Bar available from Web Communications or anyone using the CMS.

You may find the OU Web Guidelines here.
OU Web Communications offers SEO information here.
SEOmoz offers some great SEO tips here.
We also have an earlier article on the topic here.

Please feel free to contact Web Communications if you have any questions.

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