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Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 4.56.20 PMWe have deployed a new component for all the Social Media savvy folks out there. It is based on the So So Social jQuery plugin and allows you to include a feed of many the most popular Social Media networks right on your cms based website. It is available to many cms users as of now.

Although the component itself is very simple to use, it is important to remember that it only displays items from the selected channels within your selected social media networks. Social Media represents a powerful new way to communicate and requires a significant amount of effort to properly manage. This component does not assist in the management of any service. This component will be most useful to entities that already have a well-established presence on the Social Media network(s) of their choice.

Please see our past article on Social Media here.

The Social Media component accommodates feeds from Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Foursqure, Delicious, and a few others. All you need is the proper feed identification code for each of the channels that you wish to see.

Instructions for finding the identification code for your feed:


  • Please follow this format:<twitter-username>.rss


  • If you would like to create an RSS Feed for your Facebook Notifications you can do so by going to your Inbox and selecting the Notifications tab. On the following page will be the option to “Subscribe to Notifications” on the right. After clicking “Your Notifications”, Facebook will generate an RSS Feed that you can save to your bookmarks folder and view in your browser. You will now have an auto-updating RSS Feed that alerts you of important things on Facebook involving your account (i.e. Wall posts, photo tags etc).
  • Go to the Links page by selecting “Links” from your Applications menu. While there, click “My Friends’ Links” under “Subscribe to Links.” You will then be able to obtain a RSS feed for all of your friends’ links that you can save to your bookmark folder.
  • When you are viewing a specific friend’s Links page, you can click the button on the right that says “Friend’s Links” under “Subscribe to these Posts”. You will then be able to obtain a RSS feed for all of the specific friend’s links that you can save to your bookmark folder.
  • Further information is available at


  • Please follow this format:


  • To retrieve most users ID: go to their profile page. Their UID the sequence of numbers in the end of the URL
  • For other users that used twitter account for their foursquare account: go to the terminal and enter the following command:
    curl -u <foursquare-username OR email-address>:<password><twitter-username>
    Example: (not a working call) curl -u
  • This following format pulls the top 20 TIPS of a SINGLE USER based on a SINGLE LOCATION:<latitude>&geolong=<longitude>&uid=<user-id>&l=20
  • The following example pulls 20 tips from OU (id#2962045) within the location of (35.20411,97.44264):


  • There is a rss link at the bottom of all bookmarks pages.

One thought on “Social Media and the CMS

  1. Hi Christian!

    Great to see the whole world starts to see how powerfull Social Media is! I am from Holland and I see a mainly wrong use of Social Media. It needs another mindset than Marketing 1.0.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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