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A while ago we mentioned OU’s awesome partnership with Foursquare, a geo social networking service for the iPhone/Blackberry.

foursquareLately we’ve been working hard to get the word out about OU on Foursquare with fun promotions across campus. The goal of these promotions are to help raise awareness for OU’s presence on the geosocial app, give users a fun way to connect with certain OU events, and to have more of an in-person connection with our online OU fans.

We are always happy to discuss ideas and strategies with your campus department. We love partnering with campus-wide events, so tell us what’s on your mind. Please contact Kam Stocks, Social Media Strategist, for more information.

Here are a few of the OU Foursquare promotions we have done. We pushed the following promotions specifically on the official OU Facebook and Twitter accounts: OU Facebook (179,022 fans) and Twitter (8,144 followers). These may give you some ideas for your own geo social networking efforts. Go ahead and leave us a comment below and tell us what your department strategy is for using social media!

The New OU IT Store Opening, Fall 2010

The Facebook/Twitter message with link to Foursquare spot:

1:57pm: First 10 people to leave a Foursquare tip between 3-4pm today at the new OU IT Store get a cool OU surprise! Look for Cassie in the center lounge of the store. I will be waiting to meet the winners! (it’s better than a t-shirt, we promise…) (47 likes, 5 comments)

OU student on foursquareResults: We gave away 9 USB drives; 7 in the first 5 minutes of the promotion. The “OU surprise” was a 1GB OU USB drive. All contestants verified that they had left a tip and signed a talent release so we could take their beautiful pictures on the fan page! The contest was open to anyone, but all winners were students. Students said they heard about the promotion from Facebook and one student’s mother called her and told her about it. A majority of the students had never used Foursquare before and downloaded the app to participate.

Career Services Majors/Minors Fair, Spring 2011

Career Services annually hosts the Majors/Minors Fair for high school students and OU students who may not be sure about their major choice. Departments from across campus take over one of the largest rooms in the student union to hand out information and answer questions.

The Facebook/Twitter messages with link to Foursquare spot:

11:46am: The first 10 people to check in via foursquare at the Majors/Minors Fair in the Union Ballroom get a cool prize! Come to the University of Oklahoma Career Services table in the back to claim your prize! (24 likes, 3 comments)

12:15pm: I smell free pizza at the Majors/Minors Fair! Check-in here via foursquare. First 10 people get a sweet prize! Come to the Career Services table to claim it! (86 likes, 7 comments)

1:16pm: The next person to check-in on Foursquare at the OU Majors/Minors Fair will get an iPod Shuffle! (Come see the fortune tellers in the back of the OMU Ballroom to get it!) (33 likes, 0 comments)

2:00pm: (Included a picture of prizes) 30 minutes left! The next 5 people to check-in via foursquare to the Majors/Minors Fair get a sweet OU Flash Drive. Come see the fortune tellers in the back of the OMU Ballroom to get it! (47 likes, 9 comments)

Results: This promotion was more slow in person, but online it was taking off. We posted a slice of pizza from the event, reiterating the giveaway and we had 86 likes and 7 comments. We gave away 1 iPod Shuffle and 2 1GB OU USB drives. We found that once we posted a picture of the prizes, online interaction increased. Fans commented that they were too far to check-in but they wanted a prize. Some fans reminisced about their days at OU. For this giveaway all students downloaded the app to participate.

Career Services Multicultural Career Fair, Spring 2011

The annual Multicultural Career Fair is for all OU students. Businesses from around the country come to OU to recruit for internships and job openings.

The Facebook/Twitter messages with link to Foursquare spot:

10:33am: It’s raining, it’s pouring…but there’s still an awesome OU Multicultural Career Fair going on! Float down the river of Jenkins Ave. to the East side of the Stadium from 12:30-4:30pm today! This is the primary pre-recruiting event for employers. (86 likes, 10 comments)

Picture used with the post

12:53pm: The sun is out and the Multicultural Career Fair is on! It’s foursquare giveaway time! The first person to check-in here gets an iPod Shuffle! We have more awesome prizes after that so come on by past the Target booth on the North end. BOOMER! (74 likes, 6 comments)

Picture of the prizes for Facebook

(We posted a picture of the prizes) 1:33pm: ….and the prizes! We’re here until 4:30pm! (*chair not included) šŸ˜‰ (97 likes, 28 comments)


Results: We gave away 1 iPod Shuffle, 1 flashdrive, 1 hat, 1 pair of gloves. We had a total of 11 check-ins. Some people never came to claim their prize. Two of the winners were OU students, one faculty, and one alumna. All of the downloaded foursquare for the giveaway and said they were interested in using it again.

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  1. I love foursquare and I really hope that my hometown starts getting in on the action. We have several people using the tool to check-in, but so few businesses really supporting it’s possibilities.

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