Happy Pictures = Happy Sites

Make your pictures happy. When resizing your photos, ALWAYS maintain proportions. Without maintained proportions, your photos will look squashed, mushed, or worse. (Of course, those are the technical terms.) Do your website a favor. Make your pictures happy by following the quick tips listed below. If you have additional questions, send them our way.

Here is an example of a sad picture. aviary(2)

Photo Editing Quick Tips

1) Do not edit your photos in CQ5.
Your photos should be edited prior to placement in the digital assets manager or on the website.

2) Maintain proportions when resizing your photos and images. Here is a tutorial for resizing in Photoshop. In free online photo editing tools like Aviary.com, you’ll have the option maintain proportions. Just select the checkbox to avoid sad photos.

3) Crop those photos. It isn’t always needed or desired, but sometimes a single photo can be cropped multiple times to produce several cool new photos. Check out Mario’s blog for a few tips about cropping photos. If you use an online tool like Aviary.com, they have a cropping option, too.

4) Avoid pixelation. Don’t try to stretch small photos. You can always make a photo smaller, but do not try to make a photo bigger. This will only result in pixelated and distorted images.

5) Optimize your photos for the web. When you place images on a website, they need to be the appropriate file type and size. Visit this blog post for more information about optimizing images for the web. In general, any photo larger than 500 kb (or 1 mb) should be optimized. General file size recommendations are 200 kb for thumbnail photos, 300 kb for mid-sized photos, and 500 kb for large photos (like a slideshow).

6) Be resourceful. Our office provides all CMS sites with access to campus photos. We have professional photos of buildings and students already cropped, resized, and web ready. Use these images to help tell your story. Of course, if you have any questions about these tips, just drop us a line. We’re here to help.


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