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Thanks to a suggestion from Mashable, we just started playing with twtrland, a Twitter analytics tool that helps determine follow-worthiness.

Twtrland converts your tweets, retweets, mentions, replies, links and media and top followers into a profile. This information is very helpful because it allows us to track our most popular tweets and gives us an idea of how follow-worthy we think we are.

According to twtrland, we spend most of our time retweeting and sharing links. This graph tells me that we should spend a little more time pushing out plain tweets (a simple tweet with no links), replying and sharing twitpics and other multimedia. If you’re curious about your follow-worthiness, I urge you to give twtrland a go! Check out @UofOklahoma’s twtrland profile.

@UofOklahoma Twitter Activity

@UofOklahoma Twitter Activity

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