8 Tips To Kick Your Web Writing Up A Notch

BuzzFeed Writing TipsWe’ve got a bevy of experts here in OU’s WebComm office — everything from videographers to Internet architects and web developers to social media marketers.

In other words, we’re a diverse bunch.

In June of this year, the office welcomed its first marketing writer and homepage guardian — me! And let me tell you, this job is baller (and I use that word with the utmost sincerity). I talk to amazing people at OU and figure out the best way to tell their stories, then how to get those stories out to the right audience.

While doing this, I get to experiment with lots of different forms of online storytelling and use what I’ve learned from my experiences as a newspaper reporter, news website editor and digital content editor. One of the best parts of being a digital content marketer is having the freedom to try new things and test what works and what doesn’t.

Later on I’ll tell you more about the online storytelling platforms I’ve used in the past, but for now I’d love to share the tried and true methods that can help make your web writing the best it can be. These are super simple suggestions you can incorporate into your online storytelling now. Nothin’ fancy — just the basics to start off with. Head over to my BuzzFeed page to see “8 Tips To Kick Your Web Writing Up A Notch!”

And keep checking back to our WebComm blog to hear more from me and all those web experts I was telling you about.

— Morgan

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