Content Marketing Meeting – August

#TeamWebComm is so excited to host monthly content meetings – a place for marketing professionals across campus get on the same page about what is happening on campus and upcoming branding initiatives. It’s our chance to make a huge impact across all university accounts on each platform and media! Below you will find what we’re focusing on for the coming month. If you see something that fits your marketing/branding initiative/audience, share as you see fit!

Here’s a recap from our first monthly CM^2: Content Marketing with Candace and Morgan meeting:


With 20 exhibits in seven locations across three campuses, there is plenty to share! This is also part of the 125th Anniversary celebration! More information can be found at the Galileo’s World website. And stay tuned! Given this is a year-long exhibit (that just began this month), we’re running this as more of a marathon than a sprint.



The Pride of Oklahoma is prepped and ready for a big year – a peppy new drum majorBand & Spirit Day, iPads for all, new uniforms and a campaign to raise funds for them! They’re off to an awesome start and #TeamWebComm has been thrilled and honored to work with them as we get closer to the fall semester. There are many pieces of content readily available to be used and posted (linked above) and Morgan is finishing up a story about the uniforms featuring some pretty awesome paper dolls! There’s even a “7 Things You (Maybe) Don’t Know About the Pride of Oklahoma!” And who doesn’t love a good list?!



I know, I know. I can hardly believe it’s that time of year again already also. This summer has flown by, but OU Housing and ResLife has been busy bees prepping for #OUMoveIn15 (at the LNC this year)! They have even started a superb new blog – Live | Dine with lots of helpful information and commentary about all things housing, food and Move In at OU!



“Parketing” is the #TeamWebComm-created (ahem, Brandt) word, which combines the words “parking” and “marketing.” With many parking spaces sacrificed for construction this year, we’re really trying to spread the good news: students, faculty and staff can park at the Lloyd Noble Center for FREE and ride the shuttle to campus. Shuttles arrive every 10 minutes and people can avoid the hassle of needlessly driving from lot to lot and then yelling @UofOklahoma on Twitter. YAY!


Slide06 copy

Becoming a Sooner has never been easier, thanks to this interactive, intuitive app! OU Bound is simplifying the process of becoming a Sooner. The OU Bound app helps incoming freshmen Future Sooners navigate tasks and deadlines from admission to OU through the first day of class and automatically updates items they’ve completed. Thanks, One University Digital Initiative!


Slide07 copy

Nope, it’s not a Rick Astley maize maze. We’re not quite ready to put what it actually is live on the interwebs just yet because it’s a surprise and Morgan and Mason are working on creating specialized content for me to release into the wild (aka social media). BUT if you had come to the meeting you could have seen the real image. And it is mind blowing. When the content is ready, we will post so stay tuned…or come to next month’s meeting (Tuesday, September 8 @ 9:00 am).



DISCLAIMER: This is last year’s promo photo. We do not yet have a date for the 7th Annual Tee Party but we are eagerly awaiting it and will be attending. If you haven’t been to this event, it’s a lot of fun and a great look into the OU School of Art and Art History and what their students do! They are impressive and delightful.



What possibilities! This is an excellent book that has just been released. Want to promote it? These photos and more are available via the OU Image Library! The Sooner Story is available via OU Press and at the OU Bookstore for $19.95. We’ve had a great response promoting this book. And speaking of the OU Image Library, it’s a great resource for all your OU stock photography needs and is updated with new, fresh content weekly.



#WeAreSooners is one of my favorite new projects! Campus departments are welcome to share these photos. We post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The goal is to tell all about the University of Oklahoma through the people who make it up – Sooners!



Morgan and I are huge fans of Canva! If you haven’t heard of it, it basically makes everyone look like an scratch graphic designer – and that’s from someone who has a background in graphic design. Canva has recently rolled out “Canva for Work” that makes workflow between multiple people streamlined and easy. Another feature in Canva for Work is the handy Brand Kit to help figure out your brand’s logo, font and colors.



We saved the best for last! Morgan is fresh off the plane from rocking EduWeb Conference. There she presented on creating content student actually pay attention to. Her presentation was jam packed, she was awarded “Best of Track” and brought back for an encore presentation the next day. Selfishly, I’m happy to have her back but she did learn a lot and has lots to share. We’ve discussed her presenting this for our OU audience. Let us know if there’s interest!

In closing, I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Hope to see you at our next CM^2: Content Meeting with Candace and Morgan. Tuesday, September 8, 2015; 9:00 a.m.; #TeamWebComm Office.


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