#TeamWebComm Trivia 1.15

Each week we’ll take a closer look at the humans who make up The University of Oklahoma’s Office of Web Communication, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm).

Because today is Labor Day and Labor Day was created to honor working people, I’m changing up the trivia format this week. Rather than asking #TeamWebComm a question and posting their answers, I’m going to tell you something about them and the job they do. Because while you see their titles every week, you might not actually know what it means or why they’re a vital part of the team.

Here are my observations:

Erin Yarbrough, associate vice president: Erin is the driving force behind #TeamWebComm. She’s upbeat and positive and lets us make our jobs as big as we want to make them. (Additionally, if you want to have a lengthy conversation about sauces, Erin is your person. #SauceExpert)



Tom Ashley, financial manager and assistant to the associate VP: Tom is the budget police. He also takes care of things around the office. (Tom appreciates a good pun.)




Kam Stocks, senior media specialist: From video production, editing, collaboration, new and social media, Kam is great at tapping into the strengths of his team and putting out the best video content OU has ever seen. (He has two very sophisticated corgis.)



Sara Brown, video production coordinator: Want to set up a video shoot? Sara. Need some footage from the B-roll library? Sara. Need to coordinate with talent, locations and our videographers? Sara. She’s an integral part of the success of our very talented video team. (We enjoy Bob’s Burgers.)



Ame Aziere, videographer: Ame can pretty much do it all – video, photography, graphic design, costume design, screen printing – you get the idea. She rocks. (She’s even written a novel!)



Drew Bernard, media specialist: Drew shoots and edits video flawlessly. He knows technology really well and loves sports stuffs. (He and his wife Kate even shoot homes for sale on the side.)


Jesse High, media specialist: Jesse is pretty much cooler than any of us will ever be. He’s great at coming up with concepts, directing, shooting, producing, editing, etc. When needing a certain video effect, Jesse has been known to build the equipment he needs to achieve it. (He’s 1/2 of LAMAR+NIK.)




Dave Hoecker, technical architect: Dave basically makes the internet work. (He loves Oreos.)



Katy Bergman, CMS migrations manager: Katy is the newest member of #TeamWebComm. She helps departments with their websites…and anything else they may need help with. She’s great at her job and fun to work with. (She also likes to craft.)



Eric James, data analyst: Eric is a wiz at pulling data we use to analyze the work we do. Example: he’s created custom sentiment-monitoring software for social media. He’s also created custom social media reports for me via Roambi Analytics. (Eric works remotely in the #TeamWebComm Florida office.)




Brandt Smith, web marketing manager: Brandt takes on a lot of special projects around campus. He’s great with emails, super supportive (and he never stops making noise.)



Mason Drumm, photographer: As staff photographer, Mason takes photos of campus, faculty, staff, students, events, etc. (You almost never see him without a camera in his hand.)



Morgan Day, program coordinator: Beloved homepage guardian. Morgan has a journalism background and writes amazing feature stories about things that help us build our brand. (She likes cats.)



Candace Timmons, social media marketing manager: I take the content created by the video team, Morgan and Mason and craft a social media strategy around it. I also have alerts set for all things related to OU so when there’s news that needs to be shared, I’m sure to see it. Then, I monitor the results of our posts to see if things performed the way I wanted them to. (The thing I like even more than social media is seeing success on social media.)


Until next week,

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