Content Marketing Meeting – September

Tuesday morning, communicators from across campus ventured to the Office of Web Communications, Marketing and New Media for donuts and our monthly CM^2: Content Marketing with Candace and Morgan meeting where we discuss content initiatives we’re focusing on for the month. If you weren’t able to come and want to see what you missed or if you were in attendance and want more information about something that was discussed, a recap of our presentation and the discussion that followed is below:


Yep, this was in our last presentation. And given that it runs for a year, you will continue to see it in many more! As Galileo’s World Project Coordinator Chelsea Julian tells us, with so many exhibits, there’s a tie in for every department. Check it out and see what might fit your web page or social media platforms!


Do you work with students who need to put a ring on it? This is their chance to order a ring in time to have it for the ring ceremony. With a few more dates and a convenient location in the OMU Lobby, it’s quick and easy to add some OU bling to your hand and show the world that while you may not be on a college campus anymore after graduation your loyalties remain steadfastly within the confines of the Sooner Family.


Some HUGE news this month – Apple Pay is campus-wide at OU! Morgan deftly wrote a piece about this that MacRumors referred to as “quirky” and I called “delightful.”  MacRumors along with Apple Insider picked up this news…along with countless others excited about this new feature.


A new feature I started this football season is about tailgating at OU. Each home game Mason and I visit a tailgate, chat with the tailgaters, take some pics, sample some food and then share the fun with Sooner Nation. Tailgating has grown in popularity over the years and only continues to get bigger and bigger. Additionally, this isn’t an area I’ve covered so it’s been new and fun…and delicious! The first one covered was the OU Lazy Nomad with Chad and Lindsay Robertson.


You may recall how I cruelly Rick Rolled you last month with the Maize Maze, but this month, here it is in all it’s Bedlam glory. This attraction opens in Chickasha on September 25th and Morgan is writing a feature story to go along with it so keep an eye out. Her piece and this attraction are sure to be crowd pleasers.


Another new feature on social media this semester is the OU Instagram Student Takeover. That’s right – each week(ish) a student will take over the @UofOklahoma Insta account for a day. Yesterday was the first of the semester and @eliottkahn totally nailed it. This is fantastic content by students for students/prospective students. Stay tuned for the others. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’ve been so thoroughly impressed with our students and faculty in working on this project.


Shakespeare’s First Folio is a traveling collection of Shakespeare’s plays are coming to OU in January! You’re right – that’s not September but we wanted to bring it up now so when people see it, they will know what it is and recognize that this is a big deal. Much content is already in the works for promoting this event, including Morgan’s “OU vs Texas Shakespearean Insult Generator.”


The Water Technologies for Emerging Regions (WaTER – clever right?) Center at OU will be hosting the fourth annual International WaTER Conference and Prize Ceremony this month! *Gulp-gulp-gulp* Water is pretty important for basic life functions and I’m thrilled OU is part of this. If you or someone you know get thirsty from time to time, this is a great piece of content to promote. 😉


#WeAreSooners is still going strong and with us adding to the album each week, there’s a growing chance a student you know or from your college is in there just waiting to be featured by you. Check it out and help us tell the world what it means to be a Sooner.

Our video team recently finished up this freshman experience video. (Calling all Mario fans.) This is the perfect video to use when encouraging students to apply before the deadline approaches or to help illustrate how much fun it is to be a Sooner!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.20.55 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.21.10 AM

#HispanicHeritageMonth activities begin on campus next Tuesday, September 15. This is an opportunity for students/faculty/staff/fans to learn about another culture. These activities grow year after year and from experience, I can tell you the food is on point.


Every Thursday during the school year, Morgan releases #SoonerWknd on the homepage and I post to social media. These posts showcase activities happening around OU, Norman and OKC as an effort to give students info on fun things going on so they don’t feel forced to go back home each weekend. We have fun, college things happening here! Additionally, if you have a weekend (Thursday-Sunday) activity, let Morgan know! She’s always looking for cool events/activities to include.

Grab a couple of tissues and settle in to get to know OU’s first admit for the OU Class of 2020: Gregoria “Goya” Arredondo. In a touching ceremony in front of her classmates at US Grant High School, OU faculty and staff and a video crew arrived to surprise her with her acceptance letter and scholarship package. This is one of our favorite projects to work on and promote and you won’t be disappointed. Watch it, share it and let the Sooner Love grow.


Do you need some assistance with anything CMS or social media related? Katy and I are here to help…on Wednesdays from 2:30 – 5:00 every at our office. If you can’t make it during that time, we can, of course, set something else up.

Other things discussed in this meeting are below. And remember, both the items above and below are for the most part, sharable pieces of content you are welcome to promote, should they fit your college/department/audience/etc.:

  • September 14 – 25: OU Compass Survey opens. This survey is a personalized assessment of students’ experiences including their challenges and successes. Survey responders will receive a personalized report to help you find relevant campus resources and create the ideal OU experience using the results of the survey as guiding points. Once completed, students are entered to win great prizes. Questions can be directed to
  • Each OU Class has a designated OU Class of ____  account. These can be found on Twitter: OU Class of 2016, OU Class of 2017, OU Class of 2018, OU Class of 2019. These are good channels to get information to students – especially if you need to isolate a certain class. Questions/requests/content can be sent to
  • The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (FJJMA) recently got some very special ancient Roman guests who are on display in Immortales: The Hall of Emperors of the Capitoline Museums, Rome now through December 6.
  • Did you know OU has a Women’s Philanthropy Network? We do! They can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Their posts are always inspirational and on target and you can even inquire about how to join.
  • Bizzell Memorial Library just got a lot more techy with the release of their highly-acclaimed Nav App. By utilizing “blue-dot” technology, finding the book or collection you need has never easier. It also has a Galileo’s World component, which makes it the perfect app to keep handy when you’re not only at the library, but other places around campus holding exhibits.
  • Do you have a natural history object you’ve been itching to get identified? You are in luck! On September 20th from 1:00-5:00 the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is hosting Science in Action & Object I.D. Day! This free event will feature demonstrations and hands-on activities with experts from a number of natural history disciplines who will also be on hand to identify objects brought in by visitors. So cool!
  • What’s better than one corn maze? TWO corn mazes! In addition to the Reding Farm Maze in Chickasha, there’s also a “Lost in Time” dinosaur theme corn maze at P Bar Farms that has teamed up with Sam Noble Museum! This one opens September 18 and is located between Hydro and Weatherford.

Whew! There you go. Lots-o-content.

Our next CM^2 Meeting will be Tuesday, October 13th from 9:00-10:00 in our office. We will have donuts. So wear your stretchy pants, bring your ideas and your notebook/laptop and let’s get cracking on content for the next month. With our powers combined, we can have the best and most-cohesive content around and  we hope to see you there.


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