Friday 5: OUHSC Campus

This Friday we’re looking at five of my favorite photos from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center (OUHSC). It’s a beautiful campus and I can’t wait to go back and spend a day shooting more of it. Like most of the pictures I include in the blog, they are available to you in our OU Image Library. Just shoot Morgan ( an email about which photo you want along with its intended use and she will likely be able to send you the high-res version.

1. “Dreamcatcher” By Star Liana York

1P3A2288Statues often lend themselves well to great pictures, and while I don’t think this is the greatest of photos ever to exist in the history of the Universe… I do enjoy the imagery of a mother holding her son. The statue read on a stone below, “This Apache woman has traded for the talisman – called a dreamcatcher – and views it in wonder and hope for her young child’s future…determined to give the child every advantage using the hope of higher power intervention to insure the child’s well being.”

2. The OUHSC Sower

1P3A2278There’s a Seed Sower statue on every OU campus and I particularly like the urban surroundings found here.

3.Building Shapes

1P3A2261The OUHSC campus differs largely from the Norman campus in that the buildings seem to have a slightly more modern influence in their design.

4. Looking Through The Arch

1P3A2213This is probably my favorite setting on the OUHSC campus. Because it was summertime, there were considerably less people attending class than usual. I tried to take advantage of that by making images that focused on balanced framing, something that is more of a challenge with people involved.

5. College Of Allied Health

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.23.26 PMNothing too special, just a really clean shot of the building. The blue sky, green grass and tan bricks all make for an evenly-colored and well-balanced image.


What?! Is that five already? Well, that was fast…

Next week we will have an insanely practical, charismatic, humorous, photo-centric blog post! You’re not going to want to miss that one!

That’s all for me y’all!




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