Farewell, Morgan

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The day we’ve all* been dreading has come. #TeamWebComm’s Morgan Day, beloved homepage guardian, is leaving us to join the ranks at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History as a marketing officer. For those of you who have met Morgan, lucky you! For those of you who haven’t, Morgan has been the person who aggressively updates the homepage (almost daily, and in times of crisis), writes killer feature stories, is one half of the Sooner Stories Podcast, OU Bound App coordinator/updater, article poster, calendar moderator, SEO and media relations expert, Parent Blog coordinator, go-to social media backup, OKC townie, the one who keeps the succulents alive and in-house AP Style guru (sorry Morgan, I couldn’t resist). ?

*mostly me

You get the idea – she does a lot. And for every hat she wears in Web Comm, there are a multitude of additional things she brings to our team that will be sorely missed. Here are a few in #TeamWebComm’s own words:

Erin Yarbrough, Associate VP


I’ll miss most that she made me cry because she hates Harry Potter. I’ll also miss that we’re losing one of our last Friends experts! Who will joke with Dave and me about a 20-year-old show???

Eric James, Data Analyst:


I’ll be missing a colleague who is passionate about her work, laughs at her own expense, and always ready to help those around her.

Ramsey Phelps, Web Marketing Intern


what I’ll miss most about Morgan is her amazing AP style expertise and the continuous patience she had while working with her favorite interns 😉

Ame Aziere, Videographer


Two things: 1) Of course I’ll miss how unfailingly helpful she was whenever I asked (often dumb) questions. 2) I will miss people somehow managing to mistake me for her despite us looking nothing alike.

Jesse High, Media Specialist


Not really work related hahaha, but she has really good clothing style

Kam Stocks, Video Team Manager


I think the thing I will miss most about Morgan is her reaction (or lack thereof) during staff meetings. Telling someone “you’re friggin nuts” with a look is far more hilarious and impactful than actually saying it. Thank you, Morgan, for being kind to me, giving me tickets to the zoo and sharing your background with me during the last staff retreat. I wish you all the best in everything you do!

Tom Ashley, Project Coordinator


She has a great sense of humor and seems well groomed.

Mason Drumm, Photographer

What I’ll miss most about Morgan is how much of a positive influence she is on the office. She’s a healthy eater, a social butterfly, a crafty creative, and an advocate for women, who’s inspired me to be more of a feminist myself. It was a privilege to work alongside her and I’m a better person because of it.

Ryan Williamson, Web Marketing Intern


I will miss her quick wit and her funny jokes! I loved seeing Morgan in her desk smiling. She could always make me laugh and the time I spent with her was always a blast. She’s taught me so much for my future career and I really owe a lot of what I know to her.

Candace Timmons, Social Media Marketing Manager


I will miss Morgan’s bright smiling face when I walk in the office every day, her listening to all my dark and twisty thoughts, brainstorming, working on projects together, speaking at conferences together (Oh, AirBnB, how close your full-size bed brought us – HA!), eating lunch together, eating cake in the stairwell and ice cream sandwiches on the patio only to be joined by the building owner who would immediately run away and communicating with a single look across meetings and our office. I’ll still look at pictures of chocolate cookies when I get stressed out and think of you. I will also try to remember to water the plants. You totally get me and I’m so lucky to have met, gotten to work with and become such great friends with someone so truly wonderful, accepting and feminist.

Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure,

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