Ultimate Facebook Hack: Saving Content


Hello youths and not youths! This blog post brought to you by some perfectly aligned stars:

Star 1: It is my week to write a blog post.


Re: “Star #2”

Star 2: People are using Facebook as Pinterest at a truly alarming rate – see figure 2.

11 Year anniversary with Facebook

Look at us, Facebook!

Star 3: Today is my 11 year anniversary with Facebook. Yes, my longest and most successful relationship. And obviously because of this I had to write something Facebook related.

Sharing to save

figure 2.

So here’s the dealio: Sharing to save on Facebook is not an efficient way to catalog things. It is not a good use of your time. Of course, if you love scrolling through your entire timeline to find that one recipe that called for broccoli or chocolate or whatever, then this will not be the article for you. Proceed with borderline irritating your friends and wasting your precious time with copious amounts of scrolling while getting in a really good thumb workout.


If you would like to learn a new way. An easier way. A way that saves time, sanity and friendships, then this is the article for you and we’re sure to be BFFE+E soul sisters. Or something.

I’m going to hypothesize and say this whole “sharing to save” thing was spurred by brands/business owners on Facebook wanting and encouraging other people to share their posts as a way to propagate their brand/business. I get it. I, too, am a social media marketer. And A+ for capitalizing upon and manipulating that specific breed of naivety. Example:


I mean, probably not the “only” way…


For the mere mortal on Facebook, allow me to introduce you to the Facebook “save” feature.

For the “sharing to save” faithful, you’ve perhaps seen this box pop up after you’ve shared something. It’s trying to tell you there’s an easier way.




On any link, video, photo, etc on Facebook, if you click the carrot in the top right corner, it will show you a drop box:



Select “save video” or whatever it is you’re saving:



BOOM! Congratulations. You’ve just completed the hardest part and possibly your first ever save. Now, to see everything you’ve saved, simply click on the “saved” tab on the left of your desktop:

Facebook Save Feature

It will take you to all your saved content (which, btdubs, is private – hidden from your friends/family/kids/whatever):

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.37.15 AM


Note the ease of use and organized categories. For mobile it’s a similar process:

iphone facebook


Click “More” in the bottom right corner, then “Saved” for your list of saved content (you can save content from mobile too – same process as above):

iPhone saved Facebook articles


Easy as that pie you can now make thanks to all the food videos you can save and access with ease.

Happy saving,

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