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When You Marry Your Job

rawWalking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on par with making an eternal covenant, but the interview process, substantial amount of commitment, and honeymoon phase all felt eerily similar.

I got a crush on the office while sitting on a mid century modern sofa off of the conference room, waiting for my first interview. To my left, there was a bookshelf cluttered with awards and trophies. To my right, there was a spiral staircase with tiny toy dinosaurs lining the steps. The stairs led to a small loft where a semi-life size storm trooper stood armed with a Nerf gun. These are my people, I thought. But would the feelings be mutual? Are they ready to commit?

Fast forward a few weeks and they proposed. They felt the same spark. With a mutual love for podcasting, blogging, and marketing, it was obvious that WebComm and I were meant to be together. Saying yes was a no-brainer.

On the morning of my first day, my sunburned lips halted my morning routine. I had taken a vacation in North Carolina between leaving my old job and starting at Web Comm, and since I have the complexion of Elmer’s glue, I had sufficiently burned my lips so badly that scabs had formed. Then the blueberry smoothie I had for breakfast dyed the scabs blue. I had a flashback of waking up with Pink Eye the morning of my dress rehearsal. Of all the days to have discolored body parts, why today? On the day where Web Comm and I were starting our new lives together—WHY?

After vigorously scrubbing my lips with my toothbrush to no avail, I realized my only hope was that someone would ask about it, giving me the opportunity to explain that the blue lip scabs were temporary and blueberry smoothie induced.

By the time I walked in the office, I was honeymooning too hard to be self conscious about my blueberry lips. Everyone was super friendly. My office had a window view, bright natural light, and a standing desk. I pulled the latches up and locked the desk into standing position. I deleted junk mail while standing up. I have arrived, I thought.

 That day, the whole office went to Chuy’s for lunch. We talked about campaigns from the past like the student Instagram takeover and brainstormed new ones for the future, which will hopefully involve dressing up as turkeys and giving state fair-sized turkey legs to students on campus for Thanksgiving. I finished my chile relleno and sat back full and content. I was in awe that part of my job description was to entertain and engage people with surprising and original content.

I recognize that I‘m romanticizing what I do, viewing content, campaigns, and standing desks through rose-tinted glasses. Research shows that honeymoon phases can only be sustained for 2-24 months. After that, excitement and longevity rely on commitment. Despite the foreboding data, I couldn’t help feeling giddy about what was in the future for me in this position.

For eight hours spent in a contained space, the day had a surprising amount of serendipity. I knew that kind of environment will be ideal in the future as creating serendipitous and original content for our audience became a part of my daily grind. Needless to say, I’m glad WebComm and I dove into a committed relationship. The honeymoon phase is fun, but just like marriage, it’s not the best or most rewarding part. Better than blind enthusiasm is growth and hard work. I have a lot to learn to do my role to the best of my ability and that’s the modern happily ever after.

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