So Long, Farewell

If there’s one thing I’ve learned to be true while working at The University of Oklahoma, it’s that this university holds the keys to so many futures and enables students to thrive. I’ve also found this to be true for faculty and staff, and more specifically: me.

For the last several years, OU has been my work home and a large part of my world. I love walking around campus, meeting with departments, colleges and organizations to discuss social media, develop strategy, produce marketing campaigns and identify audiences. I have become so comfortable and happy here in my role. So when a new opportunity came along, I almost let it float past me. Almost.

After much careful consideration, several pro/con lists (that frankly, were mostly all pros for both paths) and a few million conversations with myself, I decided to learn more about this new opportunity, which led to excitement about the new opportunity, which has ultimately led to me accepting a role on LegalShield’s executive team as social media director.

I’m excited and nervous to step out of my cozy comfort zone. There’s no doubt in my mind I could stay at OU until I retire and be 100% happy. But I also know I love new challenges. I kind of love that scary feeling of not knowing. Not knowing if I’ll love this new gig. Not knowing if I’ll be good at it. But the one thing I know for sure is, I will give it all I have and I’ll enjoy the journey. Another thing I know is if I had not taken this leap, I’d have always wondered “what if.”

A few more tidbits about LegalShield: It used to be known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and the corporate office makes its home in Ada, Oklahoma, which is where I grew up. PPL is where I found my first job right out of college and worked for four years. I loved that job, the people and the company. They’ve gone through a merger, a name change and are under new leadership but the core company values and the product remain the same. I am totally romanticizing how my journey is about to come full circle with this company who gave me my start. And best of all, I’ll get to use the skills I fine-tuned here at the University of Oklahoma.

While I’m happy and excited about moving on, that doesn’t mean I’m not super sad to be leaving OU. The people at this university are what make it so special. The Sooner Family is the real deal and it’s family that welcomed me in (OSU grad and all) and treated me as a valuable member of this community. I have loved this university well and have been well loved in return. You can see a short list of people/places/things I’ll miss and why HERE.

Though my new role is in an office in Ada, I will be working remotely a lot of the time and will still call Norman my home. I will also still be teaching JMC 4970 Social Media Marketing in Gaylord College. Teaching that class has been my happiest happy place and I was thrilled to learn LegalShield thought it was just as important as I did to continue teaching.

I will be wrapping up things at OU for the next couple of weeks but after that, please keep in touch! I can be reached at my personal email:, on Twitter and Instagram @candacepants and on my personal blog/website:

Signing off on my last #TeamWebComm blog,

2 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell

  1. Congratulations, Candace! My husband is from Ada and lots of family friends work at LegalShield. So great!

    Best wishes!

    Shelby Javernick

  2. So happy for you and for me because I might get to see you and that cute doggie sometime. Enjoy the new challenge and dig those orange shirts out of storage for OSU game days! Just giving you a hard time. ?

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