This week at school was TOUGH. I tried out several different classes, and I was discouraged by many of them. I found that either I couldn’t understand the majority of what the professors were saying or they assigned a LOT of reading (readings that would have been hard enough in english). But….I did find a few professors that speak English and are allowing me to write papers in English, take tests in English, and come to their office hours. I know this kinda seems to defeat the purpose of total immersion, but believe me the poli sci classes here would be hard enough in English and I don’t have the correct Spanish vocab background to understand all the concepts. I’m trying out 4 Poli sci classes (only need 2): Seguridad Internacional, Pensamientos Político Clásico, Justicia y Organismos Públicos, y Temas en Relaciones Internacionales. I’m also taking Quechua 1 y Ant: Etnicidad, Identidad, y Nación. I’ll drop two of the Poli Sci classes before April 8.

I’m sure it will get easier as time progresses…. And I know that going to the beach yesterday definitely helped. It made all the stress of school seem far away. Gonna cut this short though because I have a million things to read.




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  1. Lizz R. on March 22nd, 2010 11:30 pm

    Bobbi, I completely forgot you were doing this blog, but I found it now and I have REALLY enjoyed reading it. Laura Cullen’s comment on the first post is so true. You are so organized, smart, and amazing! I hope you’ve acclimated to Peru a little more and are having a lot of good experiences. I can’t wait til you get home- either I’m coming to Norman or you can come to Houston before school starts!



  2. Tomi on March 25th, 2010 10:08 pm

    HI sister just read your blog…I hope your classes get easier. Keep your head up and do your best. I know its easy to get stressed out, but just try to enjoy this once in a lifetime learning experience.

    Love you


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