Hey team,


Jason and I have been in Arezzo six weeks today, and I am just getting the blog sorted out. (Perhaps already becoming a little more Italian …)

We are here with Victor (our one-year-old) for a year of teaching and supporting the OUA program. The summer Ciao!Italia program led by Jason concludes on Friday, and with that, we bid arriverderci to 18 of the hippest young travelers I know.

Those of you who followed me at peregrinatio in 2005 will know how happy I am to have an outlet like this for writing about our experiences abroad. There is something more literary about blogging than simply updating one’s Facebook profile like a maniac.

So, I’ll be working on this blog, and plan to share lots of stories, recounting successes and frustrations as we move through this year in Arezzo. I also have a new digital Canon Elph, and will be sharing plenty of pictures.

a dopo!



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