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Sooner Tradition: The OU Ring


There is something so special about class rings.  They are not just rings.  They are sacred symbols that represent memories from some of the best years of your life: moving into the dorms, OU/TX weekend with friends, movies at Meacham, parents’ weekend and the ultimate success you accomplished upon graduating.  The OU ring is a lasting reminder of all the fun times and traditions of your college days and is a physical memento you can cherish for years to come.

Extra Large Yellow Gold Natural Finish

The OU Ring serves as a symbol of unity for OU alumni of all ages and around the globe.  This ring brings Sooners together through memories and a lifetime of Sooner spirit.

The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association is proud to present the OU Class Ring, which features the famous campus arches, the interlocking OU logo, the Seed Sower and the traditional border for the university’s seal.

Large White Gold Natural Finish

The OU ring is available to all OU graduates and students who have completed at least 72 credit hours.  If you would like a ring but weren’t able to purchase one before, now is the time!  Not to mention, the OU ring makes a great gift for soon-to-be-graduates as well as alumni who do not already have one.  Those who order a ring can also celebrate the tradition and create memories by attending the OU Ring Ceremony, held in the fall every year during homecoming weekend.

Medium Yellow Gold Antique Finish

The OU Ring is available in yellow gold, white gold and two-tone gold with either an antique (black) or natural (gold) finish.  The rings are available in design sizes of small and medium for women and in design sizes of large and extra large for men.   The ring is also engraved with your name and graduation year for an added personal touch.

Small White Gold Antique Finish
Live on, University!  To order your ring, call (800) 854-7464 or click HERE or order online.


  1. I am trying to find a picture of the 1967 University of Oklahoma Law School ring. I would like to replace one that was stolen. Can anyone help with a picture or who manufactured them back then? Thank you very much!

  2. What are the size differences between the large and extra large rings?

  3. Would like more info on the medium yellow gold in ladies size 8. Price , what are the details of ring?

  4. I read where there is a 72 credit hour minimum. What about grad student in 33 hour programs?

  5. My dad graduated in 1951. He’s never had a senior ring. How much are they?

  6. Does it matter that you order the ring from the year you graduated? If so, where can I look at the styles of previous years?

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